Are all Driving Instructors equal?

Many learner students and their parents assume that all driving schools and driving instructors are the same. After all, they are qualified and trained to prepare learner drivers to pass their driving test. Well it may come as a surprise, but not all driving instructors are fully qualified at all! It’s been a long-standing issue within the driving school industry that ‘trainee’ instructors are allowed by law to charge driving lesson prices at the same lesson rate as fully qualified instructors and many driving schools do not mention this when students are booking their lessons.

There are a couple of things you can do to find out if an instructor is fully qualified:

  • Ask at the time of booking
  • Check their operating licence that should be in the front windscreen of the tuition vehicle.

A PINK triangle indicates a potential driving instructor that is yet to pass their final qualifying exam. A GREEN octagon licence is issued to a fully qualified instructor.

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    Let’s assume that your instructor is fully qualified. Instructors vary enormously in the way they teach the syllabus and the quality of their teaching. They also vary in customer skills when it comes to their patience and friendliness. It’s quite disturbing that around 30% of all learner drivers feel the need to change their driving instructor before reaching test standard because of unreliability issues or the lack of student progress.

    Continuing Professional Development

    Instructors have no requirement for ongoing training and many independent instructors never take any further training from the day that they qualify. Very few driving schools monitor their driving instructor’s performance or provide ongoing training to ensure they keep up to date with modern teaching methods.

    Since qualifying thirty years ago and starting Prodrive Driving School my approach has always been to provide outstanding value for money and customer rapport. I have continued to develop as a professional driving coach by working in a variety of driver training roles and undertaking further qualifications. My driving lessons will conform to the DVSA’s client centred learning policy. They will be interactive, so this means customers have a big input to how they are conducted.

    Hopefully I have been able to enlighten you as to why driving lesson prices vary enormously and explain why driving instructors are not all the same. To make it easy and cost effective for customers to try my driving lessons I am happy to offer a discount on the first three lessons, meaning a valuable saving of £40.00.

    Lessons can be purchased by using any of the methods listed below or you can pay cash or card on the day of your lesson.


    Bank Transfer:

    Prodrive Driving School Ltd
    Account Number – 13472938
    Please use the name of the student taking lessons as the payment reference.

    All of our prices are for a full hours tuition unless stated, (some schools offer shorter lessons) and we guarantee not to increase the price of your driving lessons in Cannock.

    First three lessons .. .. ..   £59.00

    Further lessons .. .. .. ..   £33.00

    Ten lessons .. .. .. .. .. .. £297.00

    Before you buy please contact us to ensure we have the lesson availability you require. Please include all correct contact details to ensure no delay.