Back to the 70’s

          Our lives have been affected in many ways this year.  One of the most obvious changes we’ve seen, due to the Virus That Shall Not Be Named, is the reduction in traffic on our roads.  Traffic volumes have reduced to levels not seen since the early 1970’s.  So what was… Read more »

New Driving Test: Are You Prepared?

I had a customer who lived opposite a driving examiner. My customer asked the driving examiner if he could give him one piece of advice to help him pass his driving test at the first attempt. The examiner replied: “Be more than prepared.”  I couldn’t agree more.  Here’s the essential information you need to help… Read more »

Tax disc: The end of the road

The tax disc has been a familiar part of motorist’s lives since it was introduced in 1921. But all that is to change later this year when it will be replaced with an electronic system of recording vehicle excise duty data. Pity, I quite enjoyed the challenge of being able to tear neatly along it’s… Read more »